May I see your lesson plans?

Have you asked your mentor this question yet? How comfortable are you sharing your lesson plans with someone else? Would you be willing to show yours to a colleague?

Dr. Van Dyk presents an interesting challenge to all of us in Chapter 5 of The Maplewood Story (2007). I don’t know that I have shared my plans with too many folks in my teaching career, just the occasional administrator who would evaluate me or ask for a copy.

A couple quotes from chapter 5:
“I know that experience can easily create havoc with refelctive planning. The longer we teach, the more we rely on our experience, and the more strongly we are tempted to go on ‘automatic pilot’ or just ‘wing it.’ Unreflective planning occurs when we quickly scan what we’ve done before, then just do it again.” (p.27)

“…a reflective approach to lesson planning requires that teachers ask key questions: Do my goals and objectives, my strategies, the content of what I intend to teach, and my assessment procedures reflect my foundamental worldview and my philosophy of education?’ (p. 27).

Dr. Van Dyk encourages this occasional practice. Give it a try this week with your mentor/protege and see what develops.

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Greetings - I am an instructor in the Education Department at Dordt College. I hope that this blog provides a little snapshot of what happens everyday in the education classes I teach. I have taught students in grades PK - 12, everything from computer applications to history to business education to physcial education. At Dordt, I work with students in the courses of educational psychology, media and technology, and the methods of teaching math.
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