Mentoring to Make the Mountain

A mountain might be a decent metaphor when you view the task of teaching from the eyes of a first-year teacher. Mountains come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of difficulty. Some of the trails are narrow and treacherous while others are wide and incredibly refreshing to traverse. One thing we know for sure, mountain climbing is much easier when we travel with someone who knows the trail. He/She can point out some pitfalls that exist, warn us when the trail gets dangerous, and help us enjoy the magnificent sights and sounds that we will encounter.

Our purpose is to facilitate this journey between two climbers. This blog will serve as a venue to talk about the trail. We will use Van Dyk’s The Maplewood Story to frame our discussions throughout the year. I hope this book will be a very enjoyable read as it takes us through a school year in a most reflective manner.  Please do not limit your responses to this novel, but enjoy the opportunity to share your experiences with others who are on a similar journey (just on a mountain located in a unique part of the range!). Each of you can post and respond so let’s keep the conversation going!

May God bless our travels,

About timothyv

Greetings - I am an instructor in the Education Department at Dordt College. I hope that this blog provides a little snapshot of what happens everyday in the education classes I teach. I have taught students in grades PK - 12, everything from computer applications to history to business education to physcial education. At Dordt, I work with students in the courses of educational psychology, media and technology, and the methods of teaching math.
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2 Responses to Mentoring to Make the Mountain

  1. Jen Parsons says:

    Greetings from Kandern, Germany!
    My name is Jen Parsons, and my husband and I are missionaries with TeachBeyond, teaching at an MK school in Kandern, Germany. My husband teaches… I do not… but, I have a real interest in what God is doing at this time in history through the use of educators who desire to use their vocation to reach the world for Christ. I recently read Dr. Van Dyck’s book, The Maplewood Story, and was very excited by the approach that he used in attempting to ‘impart a vision’ for what a reflective culture in a school could look like. Some concepts are difficult to grasp until they are personally experienced or effectively modeled. Next to actually participating in Dordt College’s Teacher Mentoring program, I can’t imagine the concept of growing a reflective culture in school being more effectively shared than through this book. I felt as though I’d personally experienced that year at Maplewood!


  2. vlrkrll says:

    Hello all!
    My name is Valerie Kroll, and I have the pleasure of being the workstudy for the Center for Educational Services this year. I am a senior elementary education major at Dordt, looking forward to student teaching in the spring. You may periodically see comments from me on this blog, so I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself. God’s blessings to you as you begin this year and learn together.


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