National Exposure

Dancin' in Branson

Saturday Pregame

Dale Vander Berg once again greets people at the entrance to the third gathering sponsored by Peoples Bank. This time it was a pregame meal of sub sandwiches.


The fans started filing in for their food and fellowship well before the announced 11 a.m. start.


A few new faces showed up for the meal on Saturday, but the majority of them were there the day before.


Those who couldn't fit in the back room gathered in the front lobby at the entry.


Barb Mellema chats it up at the Keeter Gymnasium as an influx of black, white, and gold descended early.


Kyle Lindbergh is the last player to exit the locker room and make the jog to the court to warm up.


Twenty-five minutes before tipoff Mike Byker is set up to broadcast and looking much less stressed than he will be two hours from now.


Point guards TJ and Cliff Warner go through their regular one-on-one drills prior to the game.


An anxious Coach Douma does so well hiding his nerves that he appears uninterested.


Jordan Vogel waits for his name to be called during the announcement of the starters.


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