National Exposure

Dancin' in Branson

Thursday Night

After supper on Thursday, the Defenders come to the Keeter Gymnasium to watch the Briar Cliff game.


TJ takes a seat in the top row to give himself a backrest. I ask them if they care who wins this game. They say they're going for Briar Cliff. Sophomore James Rylaarsdam adds, "I have them winning this in my bracket I filled out." Who wins it all, I ask. "Dordt, of course."


Coach Hiemstra is continually bouncing strategies off of others. He and Coach Keizer decide the team should probably leave at halftime of this game since it's running nearly an hour behind schedule.


At halftime the team does leave for the hotel, a 15 minute drive from the gym. Sleep will be hard to come by for many of the players. Trevor Wolterstorff can only relax himself enough to get one and half hours of sleep.


A few dozen Dordt fans--including Dale--show their conference allegiance and stay for the entire game, helping cheer Briar Cliff to victory.


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