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Dancin' in Branson

Volunteer Service

About two dozen Dordt volunteers gave a few hours of time to help clean up the debris left by the tornado that struck Branson just over a week ago.


As they cleaned up the lot, the volunteers were greeted by a woman on her way to work. Turns out the woman's mom used to own the land. The woman's brother then bought the land, but he lives outside of the country. She expressed many words of gratitude, prayed with a few others, and asked about Dordt College. "That's what's so cool about this," Barb said with a giant smile. "You don't know who you're helping, and then something like this happens."


Most of the work involved gathering garbage and branches and throwing them into piles.


A plastic bag serves as a reminder that even the bad can be turned into good.


The property is located along a main winding road through the center of town.


Wanda took three days to "cry it out." But since then she's had a positive attitude toward her misfortune. Her property was hit by the tornado. The worst part: it was just under a year earlier that her previous home was decimated by a house fire on the same property.


The front entry to Wanda's home was lost in the storm. A temporary solution was made possible by a neighbor who lent her concrete steps.


While they were at it, a few guys also quickly built some back steps to make access easier.


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