National Exposure

Dancin' in Branson


The team waits in the dark hallways west of the gym for the game before theirs to finish.


Trevor Wolterstorff is zoned in before the game. Each player handles his jitters differently. Chris Sievers prefers to keep it loose; he gets a kick out of watching the TV airing the game from the hallway for whenever Trevor enters and exits the gym.


Dale Vander Berg claims his seat long before Dordt tips off. He convinced his brother (left) to travel down from Wisconsin to take in the Dordt game(s). It's a close game between Indiana Wesleyan and Warner Pacific. I tell Dale it's going overtime. He says, "Don't say so." It does.


An overtime session in the game before theirs mean longer waiting for everyone. Coach Hiemstra jokes around with the fans waiting. Coach Douma (background) is propping himself up with a garbage can.


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