National Exposure

Dancin' in Branson

Postgame Celebration and Meal

A reception following the game was held in the Silver Dollar City Parlor of the Keeter Center on campus. Sponsored by the Dordt College Advancement Office and Peoples Bank, guests were encouraged to sign up for drawings for free t-shirts and an iPad. An event is planned for the same location following Friday morning's game.


Barb helps sell and give away merchandise for the Dordt College Bookstore, Advancement Office, and Defender Gold Club.


Dale greets fans, players, and coaches at the door.


Coach Hiemstra brings up some news regarding his business. Dale lends an ear but Kyle wraps it up saying, "We're here now. We'll worry about it when we get back."


The crowd nearly doubles the initial anticipated number. But the generous staff at the Keeter Center makes accommodations.


Wes Fopma thanks the fans for coming out, Peoples Bank for sponsoring the event, and Coach Douma and the team for winning.


Three players from the 1959-60 Dordt team are present at the event. Ironically, all three make their home in Springfield, Missouri, about 40 miles from Branson. From left to right, they are: Forrest Vanden Ende, Tom Den Ouden, and Syne Altena.


President Zylstra arrives from Des Moines just after the final buzzer. He says a few words of congratulations and encouragement and adds, "Since Peoples Bank is paying for receptions after every game, we'll plan to be here until they run out of money." Wes Fopma took the mike joking, "That's not going to happen."


Coach Douma uses his time at the mike to thank the fans for providing an awesome supportive atmosphere. "It's this type of environment," he says, "that speaks volumes to the students we're trying to recruit."


Many players ate and hung out with their parents during the reception. TJ convinced his mom (in gold shirt) to buy him a new t-shirt.

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