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Good Things Coming to an End…and Bad Things, Too… August 11, 2007

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Well, Tyler’s still in Omaha. He just can’t seem to get that chest tube to stop draining, I guess. He’s been improving, but not at the rate we’d like to see. Hopefully he’ll be home sometime next week.

I went to Fort Dodge yesterday to see my surgeon and things are progressing well. Apparently my new bite is “textbook”, so I guess I’m happy about that even though I’m still a little swollen. Also, I’m still having trouble with my contacts. I just can’t seem to find an eye drop that will keep my eyes from getting red and itchy when I wear them. I’m starting to wonder whether I’ll be stuck in glasses for the rest of my life…

Tonight Wilhelm joins the Sajdak family. I’m a bit apprehensive about this…I guess because my family has never done this kind of thing before. I really do wish I could be home for this experience, but I am excited to go back to Dordt as well. Home is getting boring without everyone home…Ty, that means hurry up already! 🙂

Hope all is well with everyone!



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