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Definitely a Blizzard…No Questions Asked March 1, 2007

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Well, it’s really snowing outside and my pants are soaked because I fell walking out of the dorm. However, I really want to go make snow angels or something…actually throwing snowballs sounds really fun. But not until this wind dies down. Everyone’s out of school today…my brothers, most other schools (even some colleges), except Dordt. Figures. 🙂

I was hoping that I would finally be on top of the huge pile of homework I’ve got by this weekend, but I was totally wrong. Lots and lots of homework to do. Hoorah. I’m excited for a weekend though because it means no class and I can do some fun stuff at least.

Anyway, nothing deep from me today. I’m too exhausted from being up until 1:30 AM writing a historiography paper.


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