Day Two at Regionals

Well, Dordt got a gift last night from Northwestern when the Red Raiders beat Dickinson State to force playoffs Saturday morning at the Regional Tournament. Single games to 30 beginning at 10:00.

Dordt lost 30-27 to DSU on Saturday morning to end their season. Played well–came down to three ace serves by DSU’s jump server Judith Boel. Kristin De Ronde had six kills and Kendra Potgeter had five. DSU is definately a melting pot of a team with players from all over the world, literally. Eight players one each from Peru, Kenya, Russia, Colombia, California, North Dakota and the Netherlands.

Great season for the Defenders–lots of ups and downs–like riding a roller coaster. This weekend was the cherry on top for twists and turns–I’m already thinking about next year.

This is also the last year of the Regionals and the rankings that go along with it. Next year the national tournament will take on a different look, not sure what that will be yet, but a GPAC school will be assured of a berth, something we don’t have right now.

By the way, Northwestern just beat Dickinson State 30-24. Northwestern will now face National American tonight at 7:00.

I’m going home………..

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