Why the new dates for the PGFC?

If you’ve looked at the front page of the Prairie Grass Film Challenge website, you’ve noticed that the next film challenge is in January 2009 (Competition: January 15-17; Screening and Awards Ceremony: February 13).

We made the change for a couple reasons. We’ve noticed over the last few years that quite a few people were REALLY interested in forming teams and competing, but because we held the event in the Fall, they were not able to compete because of football, homecomings, or other sports events.

Another issue we faced with an early Fall competition was it gave us at PGFC HQ very little time to promote the event in high schools in our tri-state area. As you may know, we want a lot of high schools involved so students will have a way to enjoy the creative work of film making, and a venue to show their work. With the event following so closely on the heels of summer, we had a hard time letting people know about it.

So, we moved the event to a time when there’s not a lot going on yet in the sporting world (at least that we know about), and it now gives us the entire first semester to do proper promotion for the event.

We hope this arrangement will work great for those who want to compete, and for those who enjoy coming out to watch some fun, creative films…all created in a mere 48 hours. As an organizing team we’re looking forward to seeing your work and meeting you and your team at our screening and awards ceremony on Friday, February 13, 2009, on the campus of Dordt College!

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