Technology: Bringing Us Together or Pushing Us Apart?

I recently participated as a guest editor in a week-long round of blog-posts on the blog, “In All Things.”  Here are links to the six blog posts in a series titled, “Is Technology Bringing Us Together or Pushing Us Farther Apart?”

The first article in the series poses the question.  Five responses follow.

June 8, 2015 by Liz Moss
Is Technology Pushing Us Together or Pulling us Farther Apart?

Kari Sanduka, June 9, 2015
Technology Isn’t Just for Smart People

Douglas De Boer, June 10, 2015
Technology is Imagination Incarnated
As a kid I enjoyed science fiction literature and movies. Little did I know then that some of the futuristic gadgets I was reading about and seeing in movies and comics would become a reality in my life. Dick Tracy’s wrist-watch radio has come to life as a smart watch. In the 1960’s while I was a kid I relished the original broadcasts of the Star Trek TV series. I enjoyed seeing the fantastic gadgets as much as the plots. Now I can enjoy some of. . . (Read more)

Kevin Timmer, June 11, 2015
My iPhone Made Me Do It

Nick Breems, June 12, 2015
Technology and Mindful Evaluation

Justin Vander Werff, June 13, 2015
Technology at every Moment


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