Robo-calls abuse Technology

Back in September my household received more than one political robo-call per day for a time.  Even though some were from organizations I support, they all blended into one huge annoyance.  Not a single one of those calls moved me (except to vent on my blog).  What do you feel when you get a robo-call?  The telephone should not be used this way.  These calls interrupted family life.

If anybody has any research data that shows recorded telephone calls are effective, I doubt the wisdom of the research on two grounds.  First, the ends do not justify the means.  This type of message does not merit the immediate interruption of family life that a telephone call causes.  There is no tornado nearby!  No friend is calling to arrange a birthday party.  Second, trying to speak to hearts and minds by making robo calls is plainly inane regardless of any data.  If you insist that robo calls work, then use your robo-caller for a higher purpose—for evangelism.  Maybe you could get Beth Moore, Tony Campolo, or some other notable person to record a convincing call to conversion and salvation.

Imagine followers of all faiths acting like this!

The robo-calling this fall has been inane indeed.


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